Thursday, June 11, 2009

NOFX "disses" Tegan & Sara

I'm not even here to defend "art". I'm here to defend common sense. One of my favorite bands, NOFX, recently released a new album called Coaster, on it includes a song called "Creeping Out Sara". Sara is of Tegan & Sara, an indie music duo consisting of gay twin sisters from Canada. Kind of sounds like a Lifetime mockumentary.

NOFX's song recounts the tale of Fat Mike (bass/vocals) meeting either Tegan or Sara (he can't remember which) backstage in Germany. It goes on to talk about how he asked if she knew anyone selling pills or blow, as well as inquiring if they have engaged in threesomes, fourgies, or a fivesome with eachother, and how he forgets what she said because he was high on Valium. A completely silly and ironic tune.

So i'm bored one day and I google NOFX, and see an article saying that Fat Mike responds to the Tegan and Sara controversy. Intrigued I started reading all I could find. And apparently there was a huge Lesbian backlash over the song.

Here's the link to a blog post on a Gay/Bisexual website, "Pop-Punk Band NOFX writes a song about Tegan&Sara"

I've been a NOFX fan for over a decade, and I understand that people who may not know their work, or listen to that kind of music might not understand the tone, but the lyrics are pretty self depricating as well. And before you start a revolution and clammer for someones head on a platter, i'd get the facts.

The blogger, "Stubbs", states that NOFX has "attacked our community at its very core", referring to Tegan and Sara. Seriously, they are the golden gods of the rugmuncher community? It's shocking to think that grown adults need to rally behind this nonsense like it's gospel.

And you would think that a statement (posted on Twitter) from Tegan herself would diffuse the situation, stating that she loves NOFX's album Punk In Drublic, that Sara was creeped out, and that she is the cooler one.

In spite of this statement, these chicks still wanted blood. How is that people feel like insulting someone they know nothing about is going to accomplish anything. All that really accomplishes is displaying your ignorance, and alienating everyone else. If your goal is "tearing down walls", you need to drop the "it's US against YOU" mentality.

So let me get this straight (no pun intended), but its not okay to ask a lesbian if she likes strap ons, or if she's ever had a sexual experience involving her twin sister, or if they liked a movie that was a huge hit in the lesbian community? What about any of that attacks the lesbian community? NOTHING. Because he pokes fun at K.D. Lang? Let her get offended, it has nothing to do with you.

People need to get over this shit, the sun doesn't shine out of any celebrity's ass. I refuse to include Fat Mike's apology, because he should have never been backed into the corner he was and forced to issue one. He's done more than his share of educating his audience about tolerance and leftist policies with their work in cooperation with as well as voicing their distaste for the right-wing religious folk, who are WRONG for "hating queers" and think that a womans reproductive rights are "inconsequent".

NOFX may be drug abusing alcoholics with a crass sense of humor, but they've earned the right. And if it offends you, don't listen. You don't see me launching an assault on TOP 40.

*I will admit, stating they need to form a Militia Etheridge made me chuckle though.